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April's playlist is the security blanket of playlists. A lot of the artists I listen to (daily!) released new singles from upcoming albums. There's only two songs in the playlist that I discovered via Spotify, the rest are artists that have been featured in previous playlists. One that I was really excited about is Oh Wonder (alt-pop duo), there's not a single song I don't love from their first album. As soon as I heard that I could pre-order their new one, I did! - I tend to do this because I listen to a lot of music, there's just too many release dates to remember. This way, iTunes delivers them to my mailbox and iTunes account automatically. Imagine Dragons and Lany are two groups that I actually hated at the time I first heard of them. I blame radio stations for only playing 'Radioactive' (by Imagine Dragons) that one summer. I now listen to podcasts or audiobooks to completely avoid that. However, their song 'Demons' changed that. I listened to them live (in Spotify) and actually liked their songs so much more than the radio versions. Now Lany is something Discover Weekly kept pushing on me and I kept avoiding. A friend who's music tastes are similar to mine kept listening to them, I gave in and I ended up liking their sound.  This month's cover comes from an 'Acoustic Covers' album that was suggested to me in Spotify. I had listened to a couple of the songs before but it'd been years since I listened to 'I'm Like a Bird' by Nelly Furtado. This version is covered by John Adams. A, beautiful, acoustic version as the albums title states.  I hope you enjoy this playlist as much as I.
I'm Like a Bird
John Adams
Crowded Places
Don't Take the Money
Ultralife (Acoustic Version)
Oh Wonder
X Ambassadors
Girls Your Age
Imagine Dragons
Jp Saxe
It Was Love
Reminding Me (feat. Vanessa Hudgens)
Shawn Hook